Add an Identify to Outlook Express 5/6

Outlook Express gives you the option of setting up totally separate identities for each email address or to have multiple email addresses use the same Inbox, Address Book, Message Rules etc. The first email account that you set up in Outlook Express is always considered the Main Identity. Use these instructions if you are already using Microsoft Outlook Express for the Main Identity, and want to add a new, totally separate identity. If you want to add an additional email address to an existing Identity, use the standard setup instructions for Outlook Express.

First, you will need to start Microsoft Outlook Express. This can be done several ways: by double-clicking on the Outlook Express icon on the desktop (if available, and as shown by the icon below to the right), by going to Start-->Programs-->Outlook Express, or by single-clicking on the Outlook Express icon in the Quick Launch bar next to the Start menu (shown below-left).


This will start Microsoft Outlook Express for the main account identity.


Click on the File menu, then click on Identities, then choose Add New Identity...


Next, choose a name for the identity. This can be any name you wish (e.g. Your Full Name, or Jane's ClearsurfUSA Mail, etc.)


Also, you can choose to "Require a password" for this Identity.

Note: This is a local password on your computer, and has nothing to do with ClearsurfUSA. Also, ClearsurfUSA does not recommend requiring an Identity password unless you need one for security reasons. The security of this password protection is minimal, and best suited to keeping a pesky sibling out of your email. Click the Help button for more information about password security.

This means that you can use any password you want for this, but also that ClearsurfUSA cannot help you if you forget this Identity password.


If you do choose to use a password, enter the New Password, and then Confirm New Password now.


MS Outlook Express will now ask if you want to switch to this new identity now. Choose Yes.


Next, Outlook Express will ask if you wish to import an existing Internet mail account. Since you are setting up a brand-new account, select "Create a new Internet mail account". Then, click Next.


This will start the Internet Connection Wizard, which allows you to enter all of your e-mail information for this identity.


Type in your Display Name, this can be any name desired (e.g. your full name, your nickname, or anything else), and will appear in the From field on each outgoing mail message. Note: this name can be entered however you wish--all capitals, a mix of capitals and lowercase, etc.

When you are finished typing your name, click the Next button to continue.



Outlook Express 5 will show this screen.

Now select "I already have an e-mail address that Id like to use", and enter the e-mail address provided on the account information received from ClearsurfUSA (for example,

Outlook Express 6 will show this screen.

Enter the e-mail address provided on the account information received from ClearsurfUSA (for example,

When you are finished typing your e-mail address, click the Next button:


Next, you will need to enter the E-mail Server Names:
First, make sure that the incoming mail server is a POP3 server.

The Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) server should be:
The Outgoing mail (SMTP) server should be: (DO NOT TYPE TEKSAVVY.COM IN THE FIELDS!)

When you are finished entering this mail server information, click the Next button:


Now enter the Account name. 
Then enter your Password

Note: The username and password are case-sensitive, and must be entered exactly.

Also put a check in the Remember password box if you wish to have Outlook Express remember your password each time.

When you are finished entering your account and password information, click the Next button:


You have now successfully set up the mail account for this identity. Click Finish:


Now, a few instructions about how to switch and manage your Identities:

To switch from one Identity to another, you will need to click on the File menu, then on Switch Identity....


Next, you will need to choose the Identity to which you wish to switch:


Also, to manage and change your existing Identities, go to the File menu, then to Identities, then to Manage Identities...


Now, click on the Identity you wish to manage, then click on the Properties button. Note that you can also choose which Identity you wish to be used by external programs when they open Outlook Express. Click Close when finished.


If you password protect Identities, it is very important to always choose
Exit and Log Off Identity
when closing Outlook Express. If you merely close the program, or choose Exit, Outlook Express will start the next time in whatever profile was last used, bypassing any security password you are requiring.


At this point, you have successfully set up a new Microsoft Outlook Express Identity to send and receive your e-mail, and learned how to use this identity.