Life Happens Faster with JetConnect DSL!
JetConnect DSL is a powerful connection that loads data and images at such a rate that you'll never go back to your old connection again.
JetConnect DSL brings you the convenience you want, making your work (or play) that much easier and faster.
Service provisioned at  768 kbps / 128 kbps grade service based on Telco standard loop qualification guidelines. Your initial connection to our network will be up to the maximum speed for the service and may vary.

Internet Access Dial-up vs. JetConnect DSL:


Super High-Speed Internet Access
Dial-up vs. JetConnect DSL: A Quick Comparison
Download 1 MB family reunion photos
About 25 sec.
Over 4 min.
Download 1.5 MB huge research proposal
About 40 sec.
Over 6 min.
Download 2.5 MB MP3 music
About 60 sec.
Over 10 min.
Download 6 MB sports/news video clip
About 2.5 min.
Over 25 min.

Speed comparisons are based on the following download speeds: comparisons 32 Kbps for dial-up and 320 Kbps JetConnect DSL.

Whether you connect to the Internet using dial-up or a DSL, the speeds that you will experience will vary based on a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Length of your telephone line.
  • Condition of telephone wiring inside and outside your location.
  • Computer configuration.
  • Network or internet congestion.
  • Server and router speeds of the Web sites you access.
  • Other factors.

Connection speed, which is the speed that data is transferred between your computer and the Verizon Central Office, will be greater than download speed. Download speed is the speed at which information is transferred from the Internet to your computer.

Throughput speeds (the speed you experience when you download or upload files) will be lower than connection speed. The actual speed of your service will depend on a number of factors like the condition of your phone line and the wiring inside your location, Internet or network congestion, and the speed of websites you connect to on the Internet, among others. Actual connection and throughput speeds and uninterrupted use of the service are not guaranteed.