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  ClearsurfUSA (formerly Integrity Online-Suncoast) provides a cleaner and safer Internet experience for your children, your family, your business, your workplace and the community you live and work in. We are a full service and high-quality Internet Service Provider that offers premium filtered access to the World Wide Web.
Family Friendly ... ClearSurfUSA   Always on... our filter prevents the viewing of known web sites which may contain the following offensive material:
Pornography, nudity, hate, illegal drugs, public chat, bomb making, gambling, and other dangerous or inappropriate subject matter.
  Our filter operates from our equipment, not your computer or network; therefore there is no need for you, our customers, to continuously update any software. We do this ... DAILY.
This highly effective Premium Filtering Solution includes:

  • Blocking of known URL's (Internet Addresses) 
  • Blocking of known pornographic hosting services.
  • Blocking of keywords in web site addresses, and blocking of search keywords.

  Our filtering service cannot be turned-off or erased. With ClearsurfUSA, you can be assured that your family or business is protected.
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   1. Monthly charge reduction up to $1.75 per referral ... your name must be mentioned at new customer sign-up to start this valuable benefit.

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